What’s Your Sign?

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An Introduction to Our Simple Sign Language Class

A simple sign language class for siblings of Special Needs children, to help with communication at home and in the community. Call for a class near you in Bergen or Passaic County. Ages 6 to 15.


What’s your sign?

Sign language is a great way to have siblings feel connected to each other when verbal communication is limited. A sibling of special needs children often feel left out or helpless when it comes to the care or friendship of their brother or sister. Teaching them even a few simple signs can change the relationship and self-esteem of the sibling. It will help with communication at home and in the Community. Teaching basic sign to children in a small classroom setting with other children in the same situation will show them they are not alone.

The benefits of this program include:

~ Improves sibling relationship.

~ Sense of accomplishment.

~ Sense of inclusion.







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