Patiently Wading

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An Introduction to Our Therapeutic Water Movement Class

A therapeutic water movement class designed for Spectrum & Special Needs children age 2 to adult. It captures the excitement of water play and uses it in conjunction with strength and skill building activities.


This therapeutic water movement class is an innovative program that captures the excitement of water play to deliver therapeutic exercises and activities. It will desensitize them to non-preferred items, such as water, goggles and the use of pecs. (Picture prompts). It focuses specifically on body boundaries and range of motion as well as motor movement difficulties, concentration, and various social problems by centering on the quality of movement, timing, coordination, stability and balance. Other elements concerning the body’s use of space, movement, symmetry and eye-hand coordination require specific instruction and close inspection of movements. This class is ideal for children with low muscle tone. Low impact exercise and focus on water safety as well as comfort. Children will learn the basics of floating, wading, swimming and breathing.

The benefits of this program include:

~ The use of non preferred items

~ Improving focus, coordination, vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation, sensory input, social skills.

~ Increasing flexibility, strength, builds muscle tone

~ Develop beginner swim skills

~ Connect with body space

~ Developing patience, cooperation, longer attention span, self-esteem, self-confidence

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